I have had a long and varied passion for sport, conditioning and physical activity. From playing basketball at a competitive level in my youth to coaching it and training Capoeira, Olympic Weightlifting, to completing a Sports Science degree and beginning a PhD in Sports Science, to organising basketball camps and tournaments in the UK and Poland – to offering Personal Training today, this passion continues ….


As an athlete, I experienced various methods of training and gained valuable insights from my coaches and trainers. As a Sports Science graduate and former part-time lecturer on the Sports Science degree, I am able to distinguish between catchy fashionable fitness trends and no-nonsense effective training and nutrition approaches. I also stay updated with latest research findings in a rapidly developing field, by regularly attending courses and conferences. Complementing my experience as an athlete and academic background is my practical training including Advanced Personal Training, and further practice with top Weightlifting Coaches and Kettlebell experts. I closely cooperate with physiotherapists, nutritionists and exercise physiologists giving me valuable contacts if expertise is required that is beyond my specialisation. This combination of sound theoretical knowledge, practical skills and personal experience working in sports and gym settings with clients of varied abilities and goals has given me an in-depth understanding of training principles and enables me to create effective training sessions and long term plans to help you achieve your personal goals quickly.


Most relevant Qualifications:

  • BSc (HONS) Sports Science
  • Biomechanical Coach Diploma
  • Advanced Personal Trainer Level 3 REPS
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 and currently studying for Level 2
  • Master Rehab Trainer and Rehab Essentials
  • Olympic Weightlifting Coach
  • Power Plate Instructor
  • ACSM Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Animal Flow Coach Level 1
  • StrikePad Instructor
  • Basketball Coach Level 2

Current: PhD Sports Science: Injury Prevention

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